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About me

A little about me.

I’m currently employed as a Lead Engineer by MakerX. I get to work on unique problems with great team members for a great company.

Still interested in what I do or what I’ve done, you can check out my linked-in.

Where it all started

Some of my first memories from my childhood are of me pulling things apart in an attempt to understand how they work, much to the displeasure of my parents. One could say that I have a thinking/tinkering drive in my heart.

Throughout my childhood, I was always surrounded by computers and other various IT equipment. I was lucky to have this experience because, at the time, computers in the homes weren’t as ubiquitous as they are now. It wasn’t until my first job that I could save and buy the various components to build my first PC. I still remember my parents chipping in so that I could buy 128MB of ram to finish the build.

In my early twenties, and with the rise of the web into modern everyday life, I started teaching myself PHP4 while studying e-business. From early on, my love for programming and building software grew. At first, it was programming for the web, but then it was applications for handheld devices and desktop software.

From early in my career, a fond memory was when I was forced to use some poorly made phone software. It was a VB6 app, which was old, dated and buggy. I reversed engineered the proprietary network protocol used by this software and built a better UI with better functionality that aligned with the business in a better way. Much to my shock, the replacement software was a hit and was eventually rolled out company-wide.

After establishing a career as a programmer, I went back to University and completed a bachelor of IT majoring in software development. Although probably not the path most would travel, it was the path I travelled. University forced me to broaden my horizons, and for the most part, it was something I thoroughly enjoyed.

This current day

I have a beautiful family, too many animals and a deep love for all things technology.